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Thank you for reading,

• While the administrators and moderators of this site will attempt to remove or edit any generally objectionable material as quickly as possible, it is impossible to review every message and image. Therefore each member must acknowledge that all posts made to these forums express the views and opinions of the author and not the owner(s), administrators, moderators or webmaster (except for posts by these people) and hence will not be held liable for any resulting harm.

• requires each member to maintain a respectful, friendly, and civil approach to every discussion, posting, chat, image, advertisement, etc.

• Each member is strictly forbidden from posting, writing, displaying, discussing or causing to be posted, written, displayed, or discussed any abusive, obscene, vulgar, hateful, libelous, threatening, or sexually-oriented material or, further, any other material that may violate any applicable law.

• Members having concerns about users, persons and/or businesses should contact a board moderator or site administrator with an explanation of the situation. The internal reporting system should be used for concerns on existing posts. Concerns will be reviewed by the board administrator and moderators to determine if it is appropriate for public posting. Any statements posted without consulting the board administrator or moderators will be removed.

• Each registrant is allowed only one active account. No duplicate accounts or posting under different screen-names is permitted.

• Posting for another member or non-member, or posing as, or using someone else's account to post is prohibited.

• will not allow excessive use of its system, including excessive posting, placement of large files on servers or any other server utilized by, including excessive messaging, spamming, flooding, denial of service attacks, etc.

• All information placed at any time on servers or any other server utilized is property of, and may be utilized, searched, viewed, edited, modified, displayed, deleted, etc. in any fashion.

• Members may only access information intentionally provided by and may not use cracks, coding flaws, or other tools to mine or gain unauthorized access to protected information.

• will not release, sell, or trade any information submitted through the registration system, except selected usernames, to any third party, unless required to do so by law or for transfer to a person or organization during a full or partial acquisition.

• The IP address(es) and further computer identification, routing, locality, and service provider information of each member is recorded and stored to aid in enforcing this User Agreement.

• Each member must agree to use of cookies to store information on their local computer.

• Harassment of administrators, moderators, owner(s), or other members is strictly forbidden. In those cases where members have questions about moderation of a particular topic, they should take up their concerns privately with the appropriate moderator and/or administrator/owner. Public posts questioning said action(s) are restricted.

• Banning and/or termination of account once communicated to the email address, whether valid or invalid, provided by the member in question, is effective immediately and disables the member.s account for the specified time or permanently deletes this account.

• The banned / terminated member will no longer have access to the privileges of members in good status and will not have access to or any right to access of any stored information on server, including any information placed by or sent to the member in question.

• The banned / terminated member does not have a right to have their information stored, maintained, deleted, or modified in any fashion during or after the application of this penalty.

• may implement a series of penalties for any member.s deviation of this User Agreement. Each infraction will be determined on a case by case basis by the administrators/owners and Moderators. These actions may include written warnings, temporary account bans, removed access to the private messaging system, and in certain situations account termination. Any and all spammers will be removed and permanently banned without notice.

• Application of the preceding penalties will not always be implemented in steps. A members first Major Infraction may lead to immediate account termination, depending on its gravity and the members reaction to the following process. The application of these penalties is the sole decision of owner(s) and cannot be challenged or appealed.

• When a member commits a Major, Moderate, Semi-Minor, Minor, or Slight Infraction and receives a penalty, the infracting member may contact owner(s) and request the chance to rectify the harm cause by their actions and post an apology. This option may be denied and is contingent on the members completion of the steps laid out by owner(s). This option will reduce the applied penalties by an amount determined on a case-by-case basis, established by owners.

__________________________________________________ is a volunteer based initiative, dedicated to building a friendly community and an academic resource for Iowa RC enthusiasts. The actionable conduct described within this User Agreement is merely illustrative. Any conduct that prevents from continuing with this mission will place ones membership in question. If you have a question whether posts, actions, or other conduct is acceptable on this site, please contact administrators and we will happily assist and direct you.



1. Must have at least 10 QUALITY POSTS to sell your items.
2. Please post a picture AND state a price with your ad.
4. Only post if you are interested in the item.
5. If you are selling more than one item, please combine them into the same thread.
6. One "bump" every 24 hours

*** Chatbox etiquette/rules***

Here are some things that will NOT be tolerated in our Site Supporter Chatbox:

-and any of the like

***Posting of ANY PORNOGRAPHIC images will result in a temporary ban on the FIRST offense.

Again we all know it's tough to read text via internet so it will be up to the Staff to make the call on whether a Site Supporter is breaking any of the rules.

Penalties will be dealt to those who do not adhere to these rules. is not liable for any legal issues regarding sales through this community, both online and in person.


Thank you for your continued support, Staff


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